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Super simple sweater embellishment

Today I thought I'd share a super simple sweater decoration I just did on this lovely, but somewhat plain sweater I have.  It's cute but sort of washed too many times, and a little less crisp-looking than when it was new.  I have a pink sweater of a very lightweight wool that has ivory cotton lace around the neckline (it's from a resale store, but looks very Anthro to me), and though its lace is woven into the knit, it gave me the idea to add lace to any neckline!
So here's the plain sweater:
And here's how it looked after I added a little off-white cotton chunky lace to it, just hand-stitching all around the neck:
Takes it from preppy to funky-artsy-pretty, right?  Now I can pair it with a print skirt or chunky belt, and some cool jewelry!


  1. Lovely. What a simple and effective idea.

  2. I like it! Gives me an idea for an old sweater I have. You do so many cute things!

  3. Great idea! You can come up with some of the simplest ideas to get great looking clothing. I'll be adding some lace to one of my sweaters very soon.

  4. How cute! The lace totally changed the look. :) love it.

  5. That looks great! The perfect touch.

  6. OOOOO! I like it! You have such fantastic and practical ideas!

  7. we are now linking to you under blogs we love :)

  8. Looks so beautiful! What a fun idea. I love that lace and ruffles are in style right now. lucky, lucky us!

  9. I love it! So pretty and simple. So chic!

  10. you are totally my sewing hero-so i gave you an award here http://thethriftyba.blogspot.com/2010/06/getting-some-love-from-traci66.html



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