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Pretty DIY weekend party pics

Happy weekend!
It's been a typical rain-sun-rain-sun-rain type of June in Oregon (I hate June here! Cold when you want it to be summer already!), but I know hot hot July is coming and some of these beautiful pictures from Design*Sponge last weekend are inspiring me for fun summer picnics and parties!  Did you see these (and more) pictures from a popsicle picnic last weekend?
Everything was simple and DIY--they printed out invitations at home and glued them to popsicle sticks, decorated a picnic basket with madras print, tied their own napkin bundles (with what looks like it could be compostable silverware), wrapped sandwiches in brown paper, and strung bright paper lanterns (from this affordable source) from the trees!
Event Design & Styling by Ashley Meaders of The Flashdance
Photography by Jesse Chamberlin of Our Labor of Love 
(Taken from Design*Sponge)

So fun and summery!
Sooner than I know it, we'll have sunshine and 90+ degree weather and no rain or humidity till September, but until then I'm a little chilly and longing to go outside and have fun picnics like this one!  Do you have any great weekend or summer plans that involve a beautifully-styled DIY outdoor kind of party?  Any ideas to share?


  1. I want a fun, sunny outside party SOOO bad, but like you I live in the ever beautiful Oregon where it's freezing in the middle of June. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next weekend!

  2. Lovely post :)




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