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Paper doily garland how-to

Is it a garland? Is it a banner?
I've been inspired by so many cute banners and garlands in the blogosphere and thought I'd throw together a paper, no-sew version with some doilies I got at Dollar Tree!
Here's some inspiration:
Flickr via DesignSponge by nana company:
Lottie Lulu:
Dottie Angel:
Pick Up Some Creativity:
From Tea For Joy:
From The Purl Bee:
From One Pearl Button:
And there are several paper doily garlands and banners out there, too, ranging from very simple to fancier.  Here's one from Martha Stewart:
And here's a sewn one from Project Wedding:
I love the look of cute banners, and found some cute paper doilies at Dollar Tree (they have them in all different shapes and sizes! in the wedding section).  I know it's not an original idea by any means, but here's my take on how to make a doily garland:
I'm using paper doilies, rubber cement (a glue stick might work but might not last as long), and thin ribbon.  You could use another kind of string or ribbon, but this narrow stuff is a really good width for this.
  • Cut your ribbon to a good length.  I just used what was left for this little version of the project, just under two yards.
  • Fold it in half to find the center.  Fold your doily in half (I tried to match the scallops) and place it with the inside of the fold against the flat ribbon.  Coat one side with rubber cement.
  • Fold flat and press.  Repeat down the ribbon, with whatever distance you want between doilies.  You could go end-to-end, you could put them five inches apart... different looks!  I did mine a few inches apart and fit five onto my piece of ribbon.
Now the question is just, where to hang it?
On the mantel?
 Over the headboard? Blends into the wall...
Over my previous wall art project?
Over my bulletin board?
It's so pretty and feminine!
I think it would also be really cute with the white doilies on pretty colors of thin ribbon.  That stuff comes in like, every color at JoAnn's.
Have you made a banner or garland before?  What did you use it for?


  1. So pretty! No, I've never made one before but I think it's such a quick way to brighten up the place that I really should!

  2. I love the look of this! I read someone posts about dying the dollies and how much of a head it was. I think I like the white.

  3. I like it on the mantel, cute! What about in the bathroom across the mirror? I have been itching to make a banner or a bunting. I am trying to talk the hubby into a 4th of July party...just so I can make one, not joke!! haha

    Drop by and enter my giveaway. <3

  4. Anonymous6/11/2010

    I am thinking about doing this for my post wedding BBQ party, there really have been so many great garlands on blogs lately.

  5. Thank you for making these doable by all of us.

  6. what a cute (and wallet friendly-hehehe) idea! i think i will string some upto help decorate my sewing/craft room! :)thanks for the idea! :)


  7. I love your blog! I found it yesterday and I've been going through the archives :D I actually bookmarked the page I was on last night so I could continue looking through! It's very inspiring, I want to make something now!

  8. Lizzcorner, the garland would be perfect for a post-wedding BBQ, I might do that myself for my wedding next summer!
    P.S. Your wedding dress is amazing, just saw it on your blog. You already have a lace-ey thing/theme going! You will have a beautiful wedding =)

  9. oh they look lovely!! Thanks for letting me know!! I have some doilies and I don't really know what to do with them so thanks for the greta idea!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  10. I made one back in August for my sister's baby shower. I think they hung it above my nephew's crib when they brought him home. So cute and easy.


  11. i love love love doily garlands :) i did a mini doily garland for adorn a brown paper bag.. hope you like! its under my diy label :)hope you like it!
    your newest follower,

  12. Anonymous6/13/2010

    So cute! I know what you mean about all those great banners out in the blogsphere. I had to make my own inspired by the bunting banner at Pick Up Some Creativity.



  13. Hi Suzannah-

    I have seen many lovely banners, but do not have the time to sew. This is a perfect no sew solution and has me saying to myself, Now, why didn't I think of that. I think I am very drawn to yours also as I love white paper doilies!! They remind me of a french bakery... So elegant and yummy.
    My best - Diane

  14. Love the idea with the doilies. I'm so thrilled you'd include my birthday banner among so many fun ideas. Thank you.

  15. Perfect timing - I am in charge of decorations for an upcoming birthday party. Now I will knock their socks off!

  16. so making this tomorrow!

  17. I made one of these doily garlands from your tutorial for my cousin's bridal luncheon this past weekend and it turned out great! Thank you so much! Kelly



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