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Some pics of France

It's been a busy past few days for me in Paris.  I got a Paris Museum Pass good for four days of museum-viewing and am making the most of the value!!  My feet are tired.
There will be more pics and more sewing posts later, but for now I thought I'd share just a teeny tiny selection of the many pictures I've taken.
Here is a group of chic-looking French or European high school students in a group.  I thought it was a good representation of what young people look like here.  They all wear skinny jeans and black and dark colors and little flat tennis shoes and scarves and trenches.  Seriously, that's the uniform.  I'm not into black this year but I've been fooling a lot of shop people and other folks in my trench and scarves!  Anyway here's this group walking along the pathway on the rive gauche of the Seine.
Here's some pics of one of my fave museums so far... Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs (there are accents on a couple of those e's), which is sort of connected to the Louvre.  Here's the outside and a cool bench, part of one of the temporary exhibits about sheep and nature or something:
It has a wing/mini museum dedicated to advertising, as well as one for "fashion and textiles", and one for furniture/decor.  Some very cool stuff there, as well as some super weird and modern stuff (like the Playmobil brand exibit of the plastic things), and some super old 16th century furniture.  Anyway here's some pics from the fashion museum, which, unfortunately, was mostly 1970's and on.
Here's some early Yves Saint Laurent things:
Some weirdo '80's stuff (blurry, sorry):
Just a tiny sample of the cool stuff at that museum and in Paris!
I'm going to Versailles tomorrow, and that'll be the last day my museum pass is good.  Then I'll have a few more days to hang out in Paris before my friend is done with some school work and we can do some day trips and maybe an overnight trip to other parts of the country!
Hope you are all having fun sewing and keeping up your normal lives.  I do miss home a bit.  Till next time!


  1. Looks so cool! Thanks for sharing these pics. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. More Send more pics! I love Paris! Sitting in a cafe watching people is one of the best uses of a couple of hours!! Have fun! Try and get to a flea market! My husband is a bad shopper but I want to go back (with empty bags!) so bad!!



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