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En route

As this post goes live, I'll (hopefully) be on a plane from Portland to Dalles/Ft. Worth, where I will catch a plane to Charles de Gaulle in Paris and arrive at 9:40 AM Wednesday.  I'll be tired!  Traveling sucks but it's worth it.
I'll be in France until Wednesday, May 19th, so I'll be away from my sewing machine until then!  But never fear, I'll keep this little blog updated with some pics from Paris and other parts of France, and I've prepared some posts for you to inspire some sewing, crafting, and decor projects while I'm gone.  I'll keep you posted on my travels as much as I can, but there are also some homegrown posts scheduled.
In the meantime, this is what I look like in airports... ugh, I hate traveling... ;)


  1. Have a FABULOUS time!!

  2. Have fun!! I'm sooo jealous

  3. bienvenue chez nous!
    (an Italian girl "working" in France)

  4. Be sure to get some Bensimon shoes. They're supposedly all over the place in France...

  5. MadelineWoo5/06/2010

    Are you visiting Justine?

  6. Anonymous5/22/2012

    there is a dress on pinterest made out of a men's shirt. Would you happen to know how to make it? if you type in men's shirt into dress in the search it should be the third picture. The women whom pinned in is Amanda Hewer. The mens shirt is a light blue button down shirt. The dress made appears to be strapless and have a large bow in the front middle. Thank you so much for any help because I would like this to be a summer project!:)

    1. Hi,
      Pinterest search results change constantly as new people pin things. I can't find the one you're referring to but if you copy and paste the URL of the pin or the source website of the photo, I may be able to help. Feel free to send me an email!



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