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Simple, springy DIY wall decor

I did a very simple but super cute wall decor project today.  Remember the embroidery hoops I bought at a tiny little thrift store a while ago?  I used them to frame pieces of vintage and other cute fabrics, and hung them on the wall!
I used to have some mod mirrors here before, also sort of a project, but with the bright, happy colors in my living room this spring it was time for something new!
Much more cheerful, eh?  It's project scraps from several projects, plus some pieces of some vintage project materials and a vintage hankie.  And a little gold frame mixed up in there, too.
I almost feel like I need more circles up there... maybe not embroidery hoops, but other round or cute-shaped things... what do you think?


  1. This looks so terrific! What a fantastic way to brighten up a space and add a huge splash of colour. I wish I could find some embroidery hoops that aren't cheap and ugly plastic around here because I'd be doing the same thing.

  2. SO cute! What a fun and cheap way to add color to a room. Love it!

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  4. Super cute! Love the curtains too!

  5. Love it! I say mix it up a bit. Go for it!

  6. It's beautiful! I love it! I want to copy you.

  7. Love it! It really brightens up the room

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  9. what a great idea! so simple and effective

  10. That looks so lovely and fun. It really cheers up that corner, great!



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