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Finally! Some couch pillows!

I finally made some couch pillows, after deciding to switch up my current ones sometime in February.  I still have a few to make but here's a good start.
First off, I decided I wanted brightly colored pillows for spring.  I've been seeing some great cheerful pillows in classy houses... here's some of my faves:
From Design Sponge:
From Bolig Magasinet:
From Itsgreattobehome on Flickr:
 From Taking Notes:
From Apartment Therapy:
 And from Project Nursery:
So, with all this inspiration to fuel me, I raided my fabric and vintage linens stash and made some pillows!  Want to see...?
This was a tea towel, not very absorbent at all but very cute, by Atelier LZC.  I snatched it up at the Goodwill Outlet for $0.89/lb.
The next one is a ruffly thing inspired by this pillow from Dixie DIY.  Here's hers, in fleece:
I'm not a huge fleece fan, but I loved the simple ruffle and bright color!  I had a couple yards of cheap hot pink poly taffeta that I bought when I was feeling girly.  It was either $1/yard or $2/yard on clearance at JoAnn.  I hemmed my ruffles, but it's pretty much the same idea:
This next one was a refashion from a Billabong purse I got at the Goodwill Outlet.  I could have sworn I took a "before" pic of this but I can't find it!!!  Aaah, what is wrong with me?!  Just trust me that it was once a small cotton-lined crocheted purse with a fake leather handle.
I wish I could have made it bigger but this was all I could do if I wanted it round.  I still have some of the excess crocheted parts and I think I'll decorate a tee with them or something!
This next pillow was also a refashion (again I swore I took a before pic!) of a cotton ruffled miniskirt from the Goodwill Outlet.  It was like an XL and kind of dated (probably circa 2005) but I loved the color and envisioned a ruffly thing like some of my inspiration images:
From Country Living:
From Linda Rodin's house, NYT:
From Design Sponge:
And from Ruche:
So.  I have several couch pillows and I have a feeling there's more to come...


  1. I LOVE the tea towel pillow, and the eyelet ruffle- what a great idea! Just yesterday I was ogling some vintage tea towels on etsy that would look fantastic with my living room, but I couldn't figure out how to put towels in my living room without it being obvious that they were towels! I'm def gonna try this, thanks!

  2. So pretty! I love them all--great inspiration because my current project is also pillows!! Thanks for the good ideas!

  3. If you crocheted it'd be pretty simple to make some additional motifs so the round pillow can be a bit larger. It's really not so scary :)

  4. Love that crochet flower in yellow!

  5. You are so talented. Love the lamp from your last post too.

  6. A great selection of inspiration pillows and I love yours too.

  7. the pink pillow is great -- perhaps im drawn to it because i just bought a similar shirt at the BCBG outlet!

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  9. ahh! and somehow i missed those pillows from country living on first scan. out of control frilly-frills, in all the best ways.

    and those paper cut outs behind the design sponge pillows are also amazing...lovely finds.


  10. I LOVE the yellow ruffly round one! I also love the hot pink taffeta one (I adore anything made in hot pink really!)

  11. well done. maybe you should start a little side business...

  12. the pillows turned out great. i love the yellow one especially!

  13. very cute and love all the inspiring pillow photos!

  14. hey, what do you stuff pillows with?

  15. Thanks!
    Ruth, I usually use polyfill pillow forms from JoAnn's (I wait till they're 40 or 50% off or use a coupon). Sometimes I reuse down pillow fillers from other pillows I'm tired of =)



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