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Sneak peek: spring apartment makeover

It's almost spring.  Almost.  As soon as it becomes March, though, I start to feel like I can wear bright colors and occasionally flip-flops on those sunny days--the weather isn't so different from February here, but it's March, the month when spring begins!  Time to look fresh!
The same goes for my decor.  I moved into this apartment in the fall and dominated the decor with rust and warm golden neutrals, and recently I have been so SICK OF IT!  I sold my table and chairs with the terra cotta Waverly print, I spray-painted my terra cotta lamp (again), and I brought in whites, turquoise, and pink!  This is my spring palatte.
Here are some of my inspiration images:
From Bijou Kaleidoscope:
From Canadian House & Home:
From Bolig Magasinet:
From ?
From Apartment Therapy:
From Pink to Green:
So pretty!
As soon as I finish my couch pillows and my wallpapering project, I will blog thoroughly about it all and share the before and after pics with you!
But for now, here's a sneak peek so you can preview my decor... what do you think so far?  What do I need more of?
These flowers are probably my favorite thing...Dollar Tree!
Sectional couch views...
Still working on the pillow covers.  I whipped a bunch up the other day but am not sure how well they go together...
And there's my chairs, of course:
And here's something I'm really excited about (stay tuned for the whole story!):
Enjoy the weekend!  Hope I get lots of projects done so I can share them with you next week...


  1. Absolutely loving everything I am seeing so far! Your color palette is fantastic!

  2. I love the shot with the wall covered in artwork, but I think I have a thing for that look :)

  3. Beuatiful! I love the pink + turquoise. . .so fun & fresh! Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  4. looks girly, can't wait to see what you do.

  5. I love how bright and feminine it is, and contemporary too! The books on the mantel are great!

  6. love the butterflies wallpaper!
    in magazines decoration makeover seems so easy and pretty..

  7. I love it, looks like a happy place to be.

  8. Great inspirations!
    I am looking forward to see your update- very exciting.
    Love your blog, will definitely follow.


  9. Alyssa Bruhl3/14/2010

    Hey! I love this! Great colors. I like the pictures of the sectionals cause you really see how the room and colors work with the sun shining in! I also really like those turquois book ends! and good seat covers! I love how you are adjusting it to the weather!!

  10. Great Spring time decor! My favorites are your pops of pink, and of course I love the dollar store flowers!! Thanks for stopping by today...I'd love to feature a tutorial of yours!! I'll be back Monday to look around for some. Right now it's just too darn pretty outside to be stuck on the computer...lol!! I followed too. :)



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