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Snap decision: closet curtains!

I live in a nice, clean, well-maintained apartment building that was built in 1982, so despite all its good qualities, there are some elements that I just hate.  Even the friendly maintenance guy told me the sliding doors in the small bedroom and hall closets are "trash," because they don't stay on the tracks, they're heavy, they don't actually even fit from ceiling to floor...
You know, they could have been uglier, but still, I was really NOT into them in the office/sewing room/second bedroom, which is frustratingly dark and plain as it is.  (The other thing about buildings built in the early '80's--apparently it was the cool thing to have switches that control outlets on one wall, rather than overhead lights?  I could REALLY use an overhead in both bedrooms, so I just continually plug in accent lamps into power strips and hope they stay in the loose 30-year-old outlet sockets--but I digress).
But anyway, a while ago at Goodwill Outlet I bought this very cool grey-on-grey-with gold accents allover print on a crisp 100% cotton, which was actually a HUGE bedcover/wallhanging/random dorm accent?  It had a "Dorm '09" tag--probably from some big box store's college cheapie stuff last year.  I bought it because it was a cool print, and I liked the grey, but had no use for it.  I thought about cutting it up but it was just heavy quilter's cotton, and not necessarily good for much else.
So at literally 9:00 the other night, I held the wallcovering up to see if it would fit in the office closet doors-and it did!  So I turned under one side for the casing, tore the whole thing down the middle and hemmed it, and ran to Fred Meyer for dish soap and a tension rod ;).  I bought a sturdy closet rod for like $8 and came home and put them up!
Do you ever just get in the groove and have to finish it as soon as you start it!
Cute fabric, huh?
It is a much nicer way to hide the mess that is my fabric stash than those icky particle board sliding doors, which are unfortunately now hiding on the back porch...
Uh oh.
Yay for sudden inspiration!


  1. Very cute! Love the fabric.

  2. What a great idea. I've been wanting to do this with my spare bedroom.

  3. Score! That is surprisingly nice fabric-- considering it was Big Box dorm stuff. Well done!

    Sweetfern Handmade

  4. Very cute! I have a closet with an indescribably ugly accordion door that is in desperate need of a curtain. But I have a walking 10-month-old baby gorilla around here. So not yet, at least the door keeps him out.

    And it's funny what you say about the overhead lights. My parents live in a house like that and it was (and still is) my favorite feature when we moved in, that I could have only nice soft lamp lighting (my mom has a baffling love of super bright overhead lighting in ugly fixtures).

  5. Eeek! I had to comment because I have the exact same closet doors. And might I add, the same ceiling... Always worrying these things are going to come off their tracks and fall down on one of my poor kids! I might now be motivated to replace them. I can definitely handle that project...now if I could only get my dressmaking skills up to par with yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Ah, I did a similar thing to hide the awfulness of the shelves in my walk-in closet (which doubles as a craft storage room).

    It's great to be able to just whip up some curtains without much thought. Handy.

  7. Hooray! I love this project. As a girl with a penchant for closet organization, I love closet curtains!! Those bulky sliding doors just get in the way, obscuring your view of half your wardrobe at a time! Curtains can open wide, allowing you to see all your clothes at once, making it easier to plan outfits and grab what you need quickly!! Its cute and practical, a win win!!



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