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Seriously, is JCrew BEGGING to be copied?

JCrew is begging us to emulate their tees.  I don't know why; maybe so even those of us who can't afford lots of JCrew basics can strut around showing off their style?  Maybe it's not some corporate scheme, but I'm awfully grateful that embellished tees are in this year, because they are super fun and easy to make.  Here are just a few of the lovely JCrew tees (these are new this season, but they've had this type of thing for a while)--do they make you want to pull out your scissors and sewing machine, rather than spend $42.50?
Perfect-fit Cascade Tee:
Grand Ruffle Shell:
Kerris Ruffle Deep V-Neck Tee:
Asymmetrical Ruffle Tee:
Embroidered Spray Art Tee:
Tissue Garland Tee:
Which one should I copy first??
I have already done the ruffle-front tank copy, the ruffle henley copy, the flower embellished tee, and a novelty tee.  And so many other bloggers have done great J.Crew knock-offs, too!  They are easy and fun.  Stay tuned, I plan to copy several of the tees above once I stock up on some $5 Old Navy and Target plain ones! ;)
If you go to the mall this lovely Valentine's weekend, be sure to pop into JCrew and see these babies in person.  I wonder what the insides look like... interfaced?  How?


  1. The women at Academichic also did a pretty cool set of DIY J.Crew embellished t-shirts.

  2. Yes, yes they are! =) I love all of them.

  3. I LOVE the Cascade Tee. How pretty it would be with slacks or shorts or a denim skirt. I WANT IT. :o)

  4. I love the asymmetrical look...even if I mess up it will look like I tried to make it that way. Thanks for sharing the idea and your tutorials.



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