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Shop at Etsy for Haiti--How we all can help!

Today is a special day at Etsy for anyone who has been eyeing the beautiful goodies or who wants to do their part for Haiti.  I confess, I haven't done any charitable giving yet, although it is so touching to see how many people and organizations are reaching out to the region after the catastrophe.
So, I am happy to announce a special today--100% of the profits from the Etsy sales of any of my vintage items will go to Haitian earthquake relief.  As part of Our Drop In the Bucket, many other talented bloggers and Etsy sellers are donating generously from sales made today, Thursday, January 21st. 

Feel free to spread the word about Our Drop in the Bucket, and please check out the many great items you can buy to support the cause at:
If you've been meaning to donate to Haiti relief but haven't gotten around to it, this is a perfect, very easy way to do it, while treating yourself as well!

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