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Redoing a sweater that missed the mark

I got this sweater on clearance at Target a year or so ago because I liked the color and the polka dots, but the style was totally dumpy.  It's maybe half a size too big but still it was just droopy and ugly.  So I decided to make it into something cuter, although sweaters are hard to alter.  See the before:

So, I cut off the sleeves at the edges and had to take it in at the sides to make it fit at all.  And it's still sort of big in the underarms/sideseams, but it falls loosely and sort of is the look.

Super easy, and now I have the sleeves left over the make something else out of.  "Sloves," maybe?


  1. Very cute and stylish!

  2. How cute! I have a sweater that I need to do that too.

  3. Looks 100% better!

  4. Cute! Good job :-)

    Love the blog btw!

  5. I like it! I saw photos of Jessica Alba post-baby in a long vest sweater. I haven't yet worked with sweater refashions but really want to. Have a couple sweaters in the stash waiting for my rapt attention... Any suggestions from your experience?

  6. Oh, cute! It looks so versatile and ready to dress up many an outfit!


  7. Thanks! Sweaters are hard to sew on and I have tried (and failed) several times to take sweaters in, and because the knitting finishes the seams so well it's very hard to replicate. I think if you're going to re-do a sweater, it's best to cut apart the whole area you're doing--like, if the sideseams near the arms are too big, re-set the sleeve rather than just taking in along the sideseam up to the sleeve. Good luck!



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