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I love yellow! Bridesmaid-style dress

This is one of those projects that I'm really proud of myself for doing--I took an inspiration from something and created it myself!  In this case, it's the super cute bright yellow Nanette Lepore dresses the bridesmaids wear in I Love You, Man.  See?
This movie came in spring of 2009, when I first noticed happy yellow becoming a total fashion color.  I looooove Rashida Jones's clothes the whole movie--serious inspiration throughout--but at the end the bridesmaids are so cute in that happy yellow.  I have blogged about this before!  Now, yellow is a very common wedding color, I see it all the time on The Knot and Once Wed.  I love it, but my fiance apparently doesn't.  He's sort of random about the colors and styles he likes and doesn't like.  So, I decided, not likely that I will be able to have bright yellow bridesmaid dresses (and at least two of mine are Asian--not big yellow fans).  But I realized, so?  I can just make a yellow dress for myself!
I took two patterns and combined them to make a very similar version, although I used a linen/cotton blend instead of what looks like a heavy silk in the movie.  I used for the bodice Butterick 5319:
For the skirt, which is fairly slim with pleats at the waist, I used McCalls Easy Stich-and-Save 5686:
And it turned out really well!  See?
Now, all I need is another of these lovely sunny days we've been having, and somewhere to wear it!


  1. This came out really well!

  2. that turned out cute. Good job. I love yellow. Too bad my husband hates it on me.

  3. Great yellow dress! I'm a lover of yellow also. I love a bright yellow coat in winter, and hope to make one in the fall.

  4. Beautiful! Well done. I love how you combined the two patterns.

  5. Wow it turned out great! Yellow is slowly becoming one of my favorite colors for spring even though I have always thought it looked horrible on me. I'm definitely warming up to it with the warming of the weather!

  6. really lovely! i don't look so great in yellow, i have olive skin and it makes me look like vomit. you rock the yellow though!

  7. awesome job. im suprised how much i love them actually.
    thanks for the comments on my blog... you are too sweet.


  8. This turned out so stinking yellow is SO my favorite color!


  9. BEAUTIFUL! I love yellow... but it doesn't look any good on me :(

  10. This is gorgeous! I love it, and you did an awesome jobs. Definitely one of my favorites from your blog.


  11. wow! What a dress!



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