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Back-to-basics apron--adorable fabric is the key!

I have mentioned before how much I loooove the 45" home dec fabrics at JoAnn.  They come in all kinds of cute, contemporary prints and are much cheaper than the regular home dec fabrics--and they're sturdy 100% cotton.  I bought several around Christmas time to make gifts for people--I made us all these super cute aprons from the simplest apron pattern I could find.  I picked out fabrics that each person would like best.  I made mine first in this cheerful pink/green/white combo.

So here's mine:

Here's the pattern:

I know there are millions of cute, girly, original apron designs out there but I really wanted to do something basic, and the sturdy cotton fabric was perfect for this style!!


  1. Very cute! I love the fabric!

  2. i wanted to make aprons for awhile! where is that pattern from?
    thanks for the inspriation!

  3. Adorable fabric Suzannah! As you know, I like simple aprons with fun fabrics!

  4. Thanks! To ba and the boys, I got the pattern at JoAnn when Simplicity patterns were $0.99 each! There were several similar patterns, though, so you probably could find one from another company.



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