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My favorite Christmas gifts for a good cause

The Hunger Site and its brother/sister sites have great stores that donate cups of food or other supplies to needy causes.  I try to remember to click every day on The Hunger Site and all the others, but usually go through phases of remembering every day and then forgetting for several months.  Oops.  This holiday season while thinking about shopping online, I went to The Hunger Site store and found several GREAT Christmas gift (or treat for myself) items that donate cups of food, mammograms, health care for kids, books, acres of rainforest, or food and care for rescued animals.  And did I mention the prices are AMAZING???  See?
Ceramic travel mugs:

or the plain one:

Record label coasters:

Recycled bike chain coat rack for only $12.95:

Sandalwood vases:

Super cute bracelets for $16.00 each:

and tons of other great gifts.  Take a look!!

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