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Happy St. Lucia day! (Yesterday)

 December 13th is St. Lucia Day, an important part of the Christmas season in Sweden, and my fiance's family is Scandinavian and celebrates every year.  The tradition is that the oldest daughter in the family makes a breakfast including cinnamon roles.  St. Lucia wears a red sash and a crown of candles, since St. Lucia was originally on the solstice.  Kirstin is away at school in Minnesota this year, so we Skype-chatted with her during breakfast and some of the craft time.  Here she is in her crown on the laptop, with little brother Cory, cat, and American Girl doll in St. Lucia garb:

Anyway, this year was my first St. Lucia day at the Stanley household, which is followed by an art project where everyone usually makes ornaments of the same style.  This year it was painting these awesome little wood trees the Stanleys got at the Christmas tree farm, whittled or sanded right here in Oregon.  We painted them and some brown paper discs and shapes after breakfast.  It was so much fun!  And we came up with some fun things:

What a creative family!  Mine are the polka-dotted disc and the tartan plaid tree =).


  1. Nice tradition! And what a good way to keep Kirsten involved.

  2. This makes me happy - I love your blog and was just going through your old posts. I'm Swedish, and always celebrate Lucia (with my American Girl doll all dressed up, too)!
    Love your projects, they are so inspiring to me.



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