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Plaid wool skirt makeover

Today I cut up a very dated vintage-ey skirt I got at the Goodwill Outlet and turned it into a fresh, supercute look, using the high quality wool for a modern purpose.
This summer we saw a lot of elastic-waist gathered skirts and dresses with contrast tank or sleeved tops.  They are very cheaply made, I'm thinking of the ones in BP in Nordstrom, just cotton or rayon print with a zipper, some with linings and some without.  I didn't have any this summer but I saw this cute skirt from sohomode doing a fall/winter version and it made me realize I still have time to do something myself:

So, I cut apart this bias-cut skirt from many years ago and put the pieces on the grain.  I sewed them back together and voila!  See how it went:

I used a wide black elastic for the waistband and didn't even need a zipper; it stretches enough to go over my hips without one.  I paired it with a black tank, but it could go with a lot of things.  What a cheap, easy, fun project!

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