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DIY Padded headboard!

Success!!  I made the padded headboard I've been thinking about since I moved into this apartment.  It's in version 1 at this point, but it is great to have it up there as I'd hoped!
My dad was kind enough to put together the frame out of 2"x3" boards and a big beadboard piece, and I bought a few yards of "Nu-Foam" at JoAnn with my 50% off coupon.  I glued the foam on and then covered it with a tan fake leather that was $3/yard on clearance.  I put seams on it rather than pulling and stapling, to give it hard edges.  My plan is to make changeable covers in fun fabrics that fit the 60" by 48" padded portion and slide them over the vinyl.  That way, I can wash the changeable fabrics and keep moisture out of the padding.  Perfect for reading in bed!  I bolted the legs to my cheap metal Hollywood bed frame with two bolts on each side, through holes drilled in the wood.  Nothing fancy, but it works.
The total cost was... about $20 for hardware/wood/bolts and about $15 for the two yards of fabric and three yards of NuFoam.  Plus the staples, and other fabric pieces I will make into slipcovers.  All in all, a success!


  1. I like it! - your plans for changeable covers sounds good, they will let you change the colors when you want.

  2. Ok...So, I am going to be coming after you to ask a ton of questions about how to do this because this is exactly the type of headboard I have been wanting to make, but was scared it wouldn't look good! Yours looks great! I can't believe how inexpensive it was too!...saves me $1,000 from the West Elm one I wanted! I love the idea of changeable covers as sometimes hair products or something can change the color of fabric after awhile so it would be great to take the covers off to wash every once in awhile. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Anonymous2/17/2012

    Hi did you everg\ get the slipcovers to work out? Hubby and I were just talking about doing this tonight.

    1. HI! I never made the slipcovers and instead have changed the fabric and just stapled over the pleather, as you can see in these posts: http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/search/label/headboard. A slipcover would be fine if you were planning on changing it up frequently, but I have decor ADD! And I never felt like using the extra fabric that would be on the backside of the slipcover, never showing.



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