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Affordable E-Design Services

It can be so overwhelming to design your space the way you want!

In making over an entire home in about 9 months (about 6 of that was the fun design part), I have learned a LOT--including that designing a space from scratch is HARD! I learned how to draw from various inspirations, work with the space we had, and stick to what was a pretty tight budget since we were doing the whole house basically at once. I learned a few tools and tricks and I've been able to help friends with their projects, too. (Now I'm in the middle of our next fixer upper project.)

And, I love it. A design challenge, multiple inspiration ideas, a budget, a star piece... I really enjoy finding a way to bring ideas to life in a way that works for your space. So, I am now offering limited e-design services, to help you design and shop for your room makeover!

What is Create/Enjoy Design?


I can't see myself ever proposing a $4,500 rug or hot pink dorm room style mail organizer for your space. My projects are not Architectural Digest high-end or all DIY splintery pallet furniture. I've decorated my homes for a pretty wide range of tastes, functions, and budgets over the years and I'm skilled in creating a home that works within those parameters. I can do the same for you!

Design Process

First, send me an email! Let me know what projects or rooms you're planning and what you'd like help with.

1.  Design Survey

If it's a good fit, next, you'll fill out my design survey and share a little more about the help you need and your style.

2.  Skype or FaceTime Call/Photos

If you have photos of the space and know what you want, I can start designing from there. If not, we may do a Skype or FaceTime call and you can show me around. Once we have the scope of the project established, you'll pay a flat fee for the services I'll provide.

3.  Shopping and Mood Boarding

Next, I'll work on finding products/resources for your space and put together 1-2 draft mood boards including suggested products, colors, etc. and/or other sources. I'll share that with you and get your feedback. Based on your comments I'll prepare 1-2 final mood boards that you can shop directly from. As you can see from some examples (here are some of low- and mid-budget versions of the same room), these will sometimes include multiple options for the same product, and will be easily shopable so you can see more detail on each product.

On custom/special order items like blinds or tile, I can help you get samples ordered in the lines you're interested in.

4.  Install

I'll be available by email if you have questions when the products arrive. You do the install yourself but I'm happy to to advise on questions and of course I'd love to see the final product when done!


For my flat fee, my scope will include:

  • Scoping of the project and identification of rooms and priorities
  • Review of design survey and your inspiration images
  • 30 minute video call or chat to discuss goals and introduce the space
  • Personal shopping, with up to 2 draft idea boards and up to 2 final mood boards with products easily shopable directly from the page when available
  • Follow-up by email once products have arrived

My fees are $79 per room, with a 20% discount on subsequent rooms.

Here's an example of one of my favorite mood boards, for the master bathroom design we ended up with!

Send me an email,, for more information!


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