White linen skirts are the best! How to Wear DIY, baby shower edition

When I was in high school my very stylish friend had a white linen bias-cut skirt from Banana Republic that she, as said she said, "like lived in" one summer. I found a similar one in off-white somewhere else, and I found a lot of places to wear mine, too! Chic with black or natural leather accessories, easy to dress up or down.

I don't still have the skirt, and it probably wouldn't go with anything I own now since it was very 2002. But, the white linen and lace skirt I made recently has been filling a similar purpose in my wardrobe!

It's so easy to wear, and yet it looks more dressed up than another great basic like a black knit skirt. It goes with practically everything (like, as versatile as jeans?!), but makes any outfit look like you put some effort into it! ;)

So I wore it to a baby shower last weekend, which I thought was the perfect place for this white and light blue look. It was a shower for a baby girl, so pink might have technically been more appropriate, but... I figured... pastel colors, all baby-ish. The button-up makes it even more of an outfit than just the skirt and a tee!

(I think I was subconsciously inspired by this look and this look when I picked this out! Blue + white - classic combo!)

Plus the super simple flat Target sandals I have been wearing all. the. time. with this warm weather!
Shirt: Old Navy (similar). Necklace: World Market. Sandals: Target. Skirt: DIY, here!

I highly recommend the white linen skirt!


  1. I'm such a ridiculous lurker on your blog...I think it's about time I actually start commenting. :) I love your style and think you are simply adorable. (Oh...and those sandals. I have two different colors of those from Target because they. go. with. everything.)

  2. Yes, Katy is right. Your blog is truly inspiring and I envy your sewing and DIY skills.


  3. So cute I might have to go grab one for myself :)


  4. Lovely!
    As always, your hair looks beautiful and shiny and I am jealous I don't have the skills to get my own hair looking like that!

  5. Oh, thank you so much, means a lot to hear that! Always appreciate a comment. Yes, those sandals are the best!!!

  6. Aw, thank you so much! Thanks for the comment!


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