How to Wear DIY: The neon maxi with chambray (for the air conditioning!)

Finally through the photos, and here's the last of my How to Wear DIY opportunities shared from our trip. I wore this bright maxi dress on one of the last days of the trip, in Orlando for an evening and dinner with family. Their Baldwin Park neighborhood is so cute, and we loved all the restaurants within walking distance of their house! Here we are headed to dinner that evening.
Going on vacation with my husband and my parents was super fun, but you can see my mom's influence in this outfit. ;) She always wants to make sure people will be "warm enough," so the extra layer was her idea in case we went somewhere with air conditioning and in case it was too cold. Moms are sweet that way.

I do really love this dress, in this bright knit! And, a great thing about knits--easily packable! Way fewer wrinkles on this than on some of my woven things. ;)

(I didn't really need the extra layer. ;) )
Shirt: c/o Lucky Brand. Necklace: Kohl's. Watch and Sandals: Ross. Dress: DIY, here!

Here's to warm weather! I look forward to digging through my closet for more bright DIY dresses in the next few months!

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