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Gorgeous new photos of our home!

I am so excited to have these photos, thanks to the talented Nakalan McKay who was such a pleasure to work with and so sweet for reaching out to me! Isn't social media amazing?!? I found Nakalan's Instagram account through some other Portland area blogger or photographer, I don't even remember who. I loved her gorgeous photos! And left some comments. She checked out my profile and blog, and emailed me!

So sweet of Nakalan to reach out, and I'm soooo excited to have these gorgeous new pics. She recently blogged more of them on her blog, check it out!

So, without further ado... here are some the latest photos of our new home! (See more on my Home Tour page!)

New house photos

Living room (DIYs: striped pillows, chair slipcovers, coffee table, chandelier, zigzag painting)

Entryway (DIY: gold tablestarburst mirror)

Guest room (DIYs: nightstandaccent wall)

Sewing room

Photos by Nakalan McKay

See more home tours and photos here.


  1. Awesome photographs! Love your new home!

  2. Beautiful! What are your paint colors? I just love the Kitchen color!

  3. my friend has those same dining stools, but in lime green and i just love the pop of color both of them bring! also love how you are constantly changing things up in the home and keeping things fresh.

  4. Great photos! I just adore your house. It's so cute and styled so well!

  5. I love all the details! I've never seen how you balanced showing off/organizing your jewelry before, so stylish and functional!

  6. Really, really gorgeous. And, you look fabulous as well!

  7. What gorgeous pictures! This is such a special way to remember what your home looks like right now. :-)

  8. wow! very pretty! I love love love the jewelry stand with the earrings and bracelets! Those pictures look really magazine-worthy.
    One question though: I noticed you have several pairs of scissors. Do you really need(recommend) them all for different materials or did they just accumulate?

  9. Hey Suzannah! I just popped over from Rachel's blog and WHOA! I am blown away! These pictures of your home are gorgeous! What a light, bright, beautiful space! Fantastic! :)

  10. Awesome photos! Beautiful space...

  11. These are great photos! It's fun to see so much of your house at once.

  12. Aw, thank you so much! Thanks for visiting!

  13. Thanks!!
    Yes, I do have a lot of scissors in the sewing room. I have two pairs of sharp (ish) ones for cutting; the rest are special purpose like pinking shears, paper cutting scissors for patterns, leather scissors, and of course a couple pairs of thread scissors/snips. I like having the options but if you sharpened your scissors regularly you'd probably one need one pair for each purpose!

  14. Thank you! All the walls are a very, very, very pale warm grey - "Snowfall" from Sherwin Williams - and the grey accents like the striped wall in the bathroom (not pictured above, but here can see it all over in the before pics! We have been very happy with it!

  15. I looove those stools, had a hard time deciding between all the great colors! $80 for the pair on Overstock!
    Thank you!

  16. I am greatly amused that - in your bookshelf - Jane Austen is a mere couple of books away from Vonnegut. Utter WIN.



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