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How to Wear DIY: The way more flattering sweater, two DIYs

I've been really loving this sweater that I took in and made far more flattering... basic ivory cable sweater, but who doesn't love cables this year?!, and I guess I haven't had an ivory cotton sweater since I was a kid.

So here's an easy late winter outfit from the weekend, with a little bit of edge. ;) While I am definitely getting tired of winter colors and winter layers, I'm feeling a little fresher pairing the sweater with black coated skinnies and motorcycle boots!! If I can't wear short sleeves and light colors, I guess I want to stick to black and white. Darn winter. Also still rocking big, chunky infinity scarves--this is one I knitted in college, then turned into an infinity scarf recently. So much easier to wear.

Pants: Target. Bag: Old Navy. Booties: Forever 21.
Scarf: DIY, then made infinity! Sweater: F21, then DIY made fit!

Black, grey, ivory, brown... I guess I'm wearing a lot of neutrals this time of year. How about you? How do you handle the late-winter outfit dilemma? ;)


  1. If my outfit is too neutral, I switch out my scarf for a more colorful one! I have waaay too many scarves, which I found out when I organized my closet!

    Otherwise, I might bring out a colorful necklace, bangle, belt, or even pair of shoes, but sometimes I just embrace the neutral palette. I think of it like dressing for your mood!

  2. I like all your neutrals together! You don't always need a pop of color :)

  3. Anonymous3/06/2013

    I don't handle late winter outfits very well at all. I seem to just recycle my witner clothing because I'm saving up for a massive splurge once spring arrives.

  4. I go back and forth between embracing the neutrals and then wearing the most blinding outfits I can think of.

  5. Today I wore neutrals with a pink polka dot shirt and had some really nice comments that I looked Spring like.



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