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How to Wear DIY: Everyday... DIY mended jeans

Thought I'd share a How to Wear DIY of a totally simple, everyday look today. Over the holidays I got to wear jeans a lot more than usual, took several days off work, and boy, was it fun. So I pulled out my super casual jeans, the ones you may remember that I used this mending method on the knees of--they're not dressy enough for a night out, but they def feel cool and cute. And I love that my knees stay warm in them with the holes taken care of. ;)

So, if you have ever wondered how to mend the holes in your jeans--well, really, if you've ever wondered how to mend holes in jeans and still wear them and look normal!, I hope I can be of service. For a weekend day of perusing Powell's (Portland's amazing bookstore), deli lunch at Whole Foods, and two simple birthday celebrations!, I felt great in these jeans with a few other faves, new and old.

And thank you, Powell's garage (one of the most terrifying places to drive ever), for the background. ;)

Coat: American Eagle via Marshalls. Sweater: Marshalls. Bag: Old Navy. Boots: Target via Goodwill.
Watch: Ross. Necklace: Kohl'sJeans: DIY mended!, American Eagle via Marshalls.

What makes this outfit for me is the "S" initial necklace and new tortoiseshell watch--both gifts to myself right before Christmas. 'Course you can't really see them in these pics, which were rushed so forgot to do close-ups!, but here they are on my Instagram. The necklace is my cheapie version of the stylish monogram necklaces that have been so big lately... those are spendy, though, like $60+!! I was so excited to find this one on sale for $4.99 at Kohl's when I ran in on Christmas Eve Eve. They're that price online, too, and come in silver or gold like mine.

So I guess the moral is... how to look chic in mended, holey jeans? Pair with new and old fave pieces and enjoy the weekend!!

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  1. I really like that watch! I love tortoiseshell.



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