Party time! The end of the world, and How to Wear DIY

Well, I wouldn't say it's the end of the world, but it has been a crazy week. Last week, we got to go to a birthday party on 12/12/12--cool date, right?!--for blogger friend Jenni, with an "End of the World" theme. It had the perfect mix of fancy vintage-inspired hotel, dinosaurs, glitter, and REM lyrics. ;) And I got a chance to wear my sequin top-turned-dress from last year. ;) (Super fun How to Wear DIY coming up...!)

So, I made this dress out of a big sequin top, but I wanted to give it another look besides the all-sequin bodice/skirt I've been seeing lots of sequin top OR bottom dresses this year, like these pretties...

Source: via Suzannah on Pinterest
Source: via Suzannah on Pinterest

So I figured, why not just layer a skirt over my sequin dress?! Here it is in action!

Purse: Ross. Necklace, skirt: Forever 21. Shoes: Steve Madden via Ross.
Dress (worn as top): DIY, refashioned!

Pretty cool place too, eh? The Original Dinerant, in downtown PDX. Sorry, no pics of the glitter dinosaurs here, but there was a hashtag for the night! #121212jenniBday on Instagram, if you wanna see!

Whaddya think?? Have you ever tried a dress as a top?


  1. Love that idea, you could double your wardrobe by layering items. Beautiful dress!

  2. So clever. I really like the sequin dress with the black skirt over top.

  3. your dress is more than cool. It's wonderful!

  4. I like the combination - I love the picture of the first dress with the black flowy skirt that is shorter in the front and longer in the back!

  5. Loved it! I couldn't even tell you were wearing a skirt over a dress! You looked beautiful as always! Oh, and, the party post is up on the blog now... some cute photos of you!

  6. Love your outfit! Great purse, too! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. I especially love it with the black skirt. It gives it so much more depth. I also adore Kendi--she's definitely my favorite fashionista to read right now.


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