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How to Wear DIY: Amid the chaos, time to wear this dress...

What a week! We moved on Wednesday and have been running around ever since. And going to work. I only took one day off, Wednesday, and so there are still some boxes sitting around and I have shopping lists coming out my ears--would be really helpful to have some additional furniture to put all the stuff in the boxes on...

I can't wait to share house photos with you, but we won't have internet at the new place until Wednesday, so I'm limited to what I can do from work. I came in at 6 this morning with my laptop. =) I hope to get some photo editing done at home and share house pics and photos from the Portland Bloggers event yesterday--photography workshop!--as soon as I can.

So, this weekend was chaos, but in a good way. It's amazing how I can be so stressed and busy and moving nonstop but also be totally blissed out. We love our house. Even now, with nothing on the walls and boxes and curtain rods and folded up rugs on the floor, we are so happy. I am having a problem, though, that my mind won't turn off. I do and do and do and unpack and shop and maaaaaybe find time to eat, but even when I have some unscheduled time when I can just (stand) at the counter and (use my phone! to) scroll through Craiglist absentmindedly, every minute or so I think of something else to add to some list somewhere. So, lalalala relaxing time, then pow! "Oh! I need ____ at HomeGoods..." or "Oh! I need to look up ___..."  It's exhausting. Turn off, brain!!!

Sorry for the little rant. Hopefully I'll get some time to breathe soon and calm down! ;) While there's still a lot to do, it was nice that we did have time to have date night on Friday and see friends on Saturday evening. So I got a chance to wear this dress, perfect for the late summer evening, and luckily my new fave Target wedges were on top of the still-unpacked shoe box.
Necklace: Forever 21. Shoes: Target via Goodwill. Dress: DIY!

So, here's to another busy but amazing week. I seeeeeeriously can't wait to show you "before" pics and then, of course, to decorate!


  1. Hahaha- you put into words exactly what I've been feeling lately. Hoping life slows down soon so we can both focus on our homes. Of course, the busy is good too! Good job putting on a dress. I've been wearing a rotation of jeans and Ts!

    1. Moving is the best and the worst at the same time - and I agree, Jenni - look at you rockin a dress and keeling up your fabulous blog amidst the craziness!

    2. Oh, good, glad I'm not alone! Yes, we both need some time off, and can't wait to see your place!

  2. I love this dress! It's way better than the envelope photos! And huge congrats on the moving! Have fun getting settled into your first home :)

    1. Thanks!! Yes, pattern envelopes often do not do the style justice!

  3. Still my favorite piece you've ever created. I'm not too crazy about the styling though. I wish you would have dressed up the braid by doing a "Heidi' braid or crown braid. Not caring too much for the shoes. But you've been busy. You have your big move and keeping up with your blog and everything else, and you still look good. Thanks for sharing the post. I love how moving gives you a fresh start, but I hate how moving is sooo frustrating- living out of boxes for days and and... the emotional toll it can take on. Hope it doesn't become too stressful.

  4. Anonymous8/28/2012

    Delightful dress, you look amazing in it :). Congrats on the new house. I know how you feel. I recently moved into a new apartment and I am forever making lists.

    1. Thanks! Yes, moving --> lots of list-making. Hope it ends soon!!

  5. Anonymous8/29/2012

    I love this outfit. My brain gets like that sometimes... Enjoy it all. These are times you will remember for always



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