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Burlap fabric CONTEST giveaway!

To differentiate from yesterday's giveaway... today, Debra at wants to give away a gift card to one of you bloggers who can come up with an awesome and original project idea with burlap!

Maybe you've been thinking about it since you saw yesterday's giveaway post... so hit us with your best ideas!

Here's how it goes: In Debra's words...
The contest rules are pretty straightforward: all entries must come from blogs or websites owned by the contestant, you can either link up an existing post that mentions burlap to both you and to any web page on (homepage, category page or product page) or you can create a new post with either a tutorial or simply "If I won I'd love to make this."

All submissions should be e-mailed to by the end of the month (Monday, April 30) and we will pick the burlap blog posts we like the most!  Winner gets a $20 gift card to!

Hear that, bloggers?  Get your thinking caps on and put together a cool post with burlap!

Here are a few pretty inspiration images... to get you a head start! ;)
Source: via jeanice on Pinterest

Source: via Sharell on Pinterest

Source: via Kerstin on Pinterest


  1. pretty pictures! i love the burlap curtains (though they should have ironed them first...) ;)



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