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Red skirt facelift

Facelift, makeover, whatever you want to call it.  I wanted to share what  I did to this skirt to make it a totally different shape, and something I think I'll wear more.  I made it last fall, craving something bright and fun, but I think the proportions weren't quite perfect and I wanted something new this spring.

I wore the old version here.  More recently, I took it apart like so...

Cut it off at the top, to make it shorter and still be able to re-use the hem...

Re-cut the sides so they're more straight up and down, rather than tapered in...

Re-pleated at the waist, distributing the pleats more evenly (I didn't like how smooth it was everywhere but the center front and back)...

And put the waistband back on.  Then, I decided it was still too long, so I ended up re-doing the hem anyway, haha!  Oh, well.  Here it is re-shaped:

I wore the new version here and really enjoyed the made-over lines!  Kind of more cheerful and playful.

I wore the new version here.  Moral of the story?  Take a look at pieces in your closet that you're not wearing, and figure out why--if they have good bones, or fabric!, re-make 'em!


  1. much better, if you ask me! I am now thinking of something like that in red for myself!

    1. Red is so much fun! I have been craving more brights recently, for sure!

  2. thats a good tip! i just posted on my fb wall that idc how tired i am tonight- i WILL paint or sew something! i keep pushing it to the side and ive got to get some of this creativity out!! lol

  3. Better, so much better! And thanks for the tip, I'll go check my clothes right away.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Just went thrifting today and yes, will definitely do that with some of my older clothes too. Love what you did with this skirt! :)

    1. Oh, cool, new thrifting inspiration! Have fun!

  5. Okay, I'll be honest: while I love the step-by-step photos (which I rarely remember to take while sewing, LOL) I'm a little bit sad there's not an "after" photo with you wearing the skirt. Nice job!

    1. Thanks! Sorry for the lack of linkage--I showed pictures of the redone version here:, a while back. I added a link to the post, thanks for catching that!



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