Sewing for him!

This time on Adventures with Sweetie Pie Bakery, Jessi shares a great project she did for her husband! I guess we can sew for men, too, huh... ;)

Not sure about you, but my hubby definitely gets left out of all the sewing that goes on around here. Just as I was working on some final details of a dress, my husband said, "You still never made me that shirt you said you were going to...last year..."

I felt guilty immediately and put off the details of that dress to work on his shirt. After all, it's only fair to sew him a shirt for every ten dresses I make myself, right?

Come on over to read which awesome fabric I chose, which pattern I used and which one I actually recommend...

Thanks, Jessi!


  1. This is perfect! Do you have any more for little men? I have 3 boys!

  2. That looks great! I make my son button up shirts but I know my husband well enough to know he'd never wear one I make. I can barely get him to wear ones I buy at the store and he has to wear them for work.

  3. Wow! You did a great job :)

  4. My husband want me to make him a shirt and a new pair of PJ pants, and I haven't done either yet!


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