Bathroom curtains with matching ruffles

I've been doing a lot of window coverings recently to keep the cold out of our little house.  I want to make an insulated blind for the bathroom, but first I wanted some pretty curtains to go over it.

In the bathroom already, I have the ruffled shower curtain I made, inspired by Anthro and other lovely sources.
So I wanted some curtains to match!

I used more 100% cotton quilter's cotton and added ruffles with the same zig zag finish on the edges.  I sewed them straight across, since the waves wouldn't really have the same effect on small, short curtains.  I felt sort of silly making such girly, pretty, almost sheer curtains in the dead of winter, but the insulated blind will do most of the work, I guess!  Here's how they turned out.

I love the light ruffles!


  1. They look wonderful together! I have been meaning to make curtains for our laundry room forever now, but my mom has had my sewing machine for a month! I'm hoping to get it back tomorrow :)

  2. lovely & fresh, crisp & clean! Very nice :)


  3. You are a home-maker girl!!

  4. they are beautiful!!!


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