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New embellished tee tutorial on The How-To Gal

I've got a new tutorial for a simple embellished tee, inspired by a few different ones from Anthro, a very pretty way to dress up a tee and use up old fabric scraps!  It's posted on The How-To Gal today, so be sure to check it out!  Anna Rose has a great blog at How-To Gal showing all kinds of helpful tips, tricks and tutorials.
My tutorial, posted today, is a super easy project to dress up a tee like this type from Anthropologie:
I did a similar project here last January but today I show you an actual tutorial of how to do it yourself!
Here's what it will look like!
Trust me, it's super easy.
Oh, and by the way, last week when I showed a year-old pic of me in a navy and white dress I made, so many of you said you like seeing my face in my posts.  Haha, I know I usually cut off my head, but it's because so often my blog pictures are taken at like nine in the morning and I throw my pajamas back on after, and of course have no makeup on and a big claw clip holding my messy bedhead hair back.  I don't want that face all over the internet!  I will try to take more blog pics when I look nice, though, so you can tie a face to my usually headless body!
Hope you enjoy the tutorial at The How-To Gal!


  1. Love it! I made a shirt from this thrifted tunic (about a year ago) and just rediscovered it in my closet. I'm going to post it on my blog tomorrow when I get the chance to take pictures- what a crazy coicidence!

  2. Great shirt! And I do like seeing your face :)

  3. OOOOOOO! I can't wait to do this! I am constantly wishing some of my basics had a bit more pizzazz!!!

  4. Fabulous! And I agree, headless writers are a bit disconcerting - so much better to see your face!

  5. oooh so so cute!! thank you so much for all this fab creativity you share, you are amazing!



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