Beeswax candles

Have you ever made candles?
I've done the dip kind before as a kid, but those are made of paraffin and aren't clean-burning, and require an intense set-up and clean-up!
My future mother-in-law recently gave me some pretty colors of beeswax sheets and wick string and I rolled and cut up these candles!  I made mostly tapers but I also made some short ones and combined three to make a squat one--it's the melted one in the uppermost right corner.
You can buy sheets of beeswax online, although I didn't buy these so I don't know where they came from... anyone have any other stores of beeswax candle-rolling?  I feel so crafty!  They smell nice, burn clean, and are cute colors!


  1. I love candles and this is an amazing idea! I've never heard of rolling candles or sheets of beeswax and I'm going to read up on it now. Inpsired! Px

  2. I love the texture of the beeswax candles.

  3. I used to melt wax and pour it into candle forms...I think that's a good way to reuse already melted candlewax if you want to be extra thrifty.


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