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Before and After: 60's curve-front dresser facelift

I got this dresser when we first moved into our apartment, and I love the classic 50's/60's lines--those little feet, the curved front.  It was $20 at the Goodwill Outlet (quite a splurge for their prices, actually).  It has a Bassett Furniture stamp on the inside of one drawer, so I know it's quality!
I love the shape but haaaaaate that wood color.  I bought it planning to paint it (white, heirloom white, black, or brown?) but it was a pretty daunting painting project.  Anyway I finally did it!!!
I used the same dark brown I used for my chairs and table a few months back.  It's also the same color as my night stand (opposite the bed).  I bought a whole gallon of it, so all my furniture will match at some point... Anyway, the dresser looks much better now!
I used a 4" microfiber roller to apply the paint so there are no brush strokes.


  1. it looks so great!

  2. Nicely done. Love that mid-century look!

  3. Anonymous6/21/2010

    A white stencil -- like a branch or something organic --- would really pop if you had it flow across the drawer fronts...



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