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My last yellow and grey post for a while

What fun it has been to be on the lookout for yellow and grey projects for a while!  I got out a pile of my yellow trims and some grey tees that need embellishment, but haven't done anything with it yet... but I did get a cute shirt made out of an antique yellow linen tablecloth.
This tablecloth is from the Goodwill Outlet ($1 or so a pound), and had stains all over it, but I picked it up because I'm a sucker for antiques at that place.  I didn't know what I would do with it, but the linen is sooooo nice and the color is interesting!  Not what I would pick out normally, but I'm so glad I bought it since it was the perfect material for a knock off of this top that I took a picture of at Forever 21 a while ago:
I forgot to take a pic of the tablecloth in its unaltered state, but here are the scraps:
It was a medium-sized tablecloth but there were stains to work around, so I only barely had enough fabric.  I used this pattern, and added gathered floops on the front:
Here it is!
Because the linen has so much body, it feels a little too 3-D... I tried it on with a sweater.
I copied this from a Forever 21 shirt, and we know they copy everything from someone else, so this is sort of a three-steps down copy.  I know Forever 21 is cheap (the original probably was $19.80 or $24.80 or something), but mine cost... less than $1.  And I bought the pattern for 0.99 when McCalls were on sale.  I am cheap.  And eco-friendly, to reuse fabric!
It has been really fun jumping on the Week of Yellow and Grey bandwagon... thanks again, Natalie!


  1. Love that top! Great job!

  2. Sydney4/23/2010

    Cuter than the one at Forever 21 and the pattern!!



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