Found something to do with my round mirror!

I finally found something to do with my round mirror, which I posted about earlier (here).  I still have dreams of creating something wonderful, with some kind of spokes coming out in rays, but for now I used these woven placemats I got at Goodwill Outlet (for $1.39/lb) and a 5" mirror to create a round wall decor... thing.  See?
I put up the small one, hot-glued to the backside of the charger, but it looked so lonely and small by itself:
So I put up the 8" round mirror by itself below, and one of the placemats below that.

I think I like it.  It's minimalist and all, but it goes with the modern lines of the sectional and the other living room furniture.  Until I find some materials and make an amazing art piece around a round mirror!


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