Simple stencil project

 Today I went to JoAnn and bought a book I'd looked at the other day, Stencil Me In.  It is the greatest book!  Up-to-date, great ideas of things to do with stencils!  It includes 28 stencil designs on plastic sheets in the back, and cute patterns, too.  JoAnn has limited selection of stencils and they cost $3-6 for each page, so it was a great deal.  Check it out here:

I want to stencil on a knit dress I'm planning to make, and on some decor items, but for now I just did a simple project on a couple of pattern boxes I have: one, clearly, is for dress patterns, and the other is for everything else.

The boxes were on the cuter side before, but now they are fun and girly and match the other colors in the room!

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