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Interview with me on holiday decor trends & my tips!

Holiday decor... it fills our Instagram feeds and is both inspiring and overwhelming. I love the holiday cheer, but it's easy to feel like you're not doing enough or your tree, fireplace, whatever isn't special enough. There are new trends every year and yet, we want to keep the sentimental stuff the same. Well... I've done holiday decorating several ways and learned how to work with trends, keep it fun and exciting, and not get too stressed out! 

This post is not sponsored but I'm working with Wayfair on another project coming up in early 2021, and they also had some questions for me about my tips, advice, and inspiration for their Holiday Edit series. Hope this is fun and helpful!

The Wayfair Holiday Trend Q & A with Suzannah of Create/Enjoy

Wayfair: As holiday trends change throughout the years, what are some core pieces that you consider decor staples?
Me: I have a nutcracker that I've had since I was a kid and I love getting it out every year (here's another one I love)! Now Otto loves it too. It's great on the mantel or on a sideboard. Would be really cute to have a small collection of them, maybe I should get one for each member of the family!

We also upgraded to a light-up star tree topper (similar) a couple years ago and I love it. I still add a ribbon bow or something below it and to cover up the cup that goes over the top of the tree, but I love how it glows and carries up the light from the lights around the tree.

Wayfair: What is your favorite holiday decorating tradition?
Me: It's not really decor, but I bought myself a set of 4 classic Santa mugs (similar) years ago now, before we had kids, and have looked forward to using them with kids old enough to drink from them since! I used to just pull out one or two, cause Jason and I enjoy drinking our tea or coffee from them to make it feel festive. But they look great all together out on an open shelf!

Here are mine from my 2019 holiday decor.

Wayfair: Are there any holiday decor trends that are really standing out to you right now?
Me: A couple years ago I noticed the large, asymmetrical fireplace garland trend and tried it out. It was great! Easier to show off the stockings that way, too. Here's our mantel from my 2019 holiday decor.

You can check out Wayfair's garlands, stockings, and more Christmas decor here!

Tree collars are also a great trend I've seen recently... they stay put easier than the skirts that scrunch up, and add a great base to a tree. I love this basket one. Our tree stand has super long legs so we can't use them, but I do love the look!

Wayfair: Does your decor follow a theme? What do you gravitate towards when shopping for new pieces to add to your collection while maintaining the theme?
Me: I used to think I needed a new theme every year. I did pink and red one year, tartan plaid another, black and white and grey in 2018... but when you do that you end up with lots of extra ornaments and garlands and accessories that you may never use again. Now, instead, I use the basics for the biggest impact (tree, evergreen garlands, same stockings every year) and change things up a little with things like different beautiful colors of ribbon. Ribbon hardly takes up any room, and is so versatile! See our 2020 holiday home tour here

Wayfair: Do you decorate the exterior of your home in the same way each year, or do you like to mix it up?
Me: We haven't ever done any exterior decorating for any of our homes! But Otto is 3.5 now and has been obsessed with the neighbors' Halloween and now Christmas decor, so I think we really should start acquiring some lights, maybe light-up candy canes to light our walk... but that is a whole new world for us!

My Wayfair 2021 Holiday Product Picks

Here are my faves of these products from Wayfair!

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