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Bathroom art! 14 FREE download art prints that are perfect for a bathroom

I recently helped a friend with a DIY bathroom reno. I'd love to share more about that one sometime soon since they did an awesome job!!! but once all the big stuff was done she said she felt good about it, but still needed art. I totally know what it's like to save art for last! (In fact, I mentioned it in this recent post with 3 things not to forget for your bathroom reno.) 

She said when she searched for ideas for "bathroom art" she got a lot of awkward potty-themed quote art. Nothing classy and beautiful like she wanted for her newly renovated space! While you can put absolutely any art you like in a bathroom, I understand the appeal of nude sketches and seascapes and good news--I'm here to redefine "bathroom art" and am sharing 14 beautiful FREE downloads you can print and frame for a bathroom!

I didn't get too creative here--there are a few categories of art that just feel perfect for a bathroom. Sketches, particularly figures or nudes (not too realistic), are lovely and intimate and casual, like you want in a personal space. And then of course, water! Ocean oil paintings are great and there are so many out there, you can choose one that has colors that work in your space. 

Here are 14 bathroom-ey free downloads, no potty humor involved!

  1. Female Nude Bending Toward the Left | The Art Institute of Chicago
  2. I downloaded this one from a link from www.sccpre.cat which is no longer working. I also made the background a little more tan than white. I wish I knew the original source, but you can download it here
  3. Bouquet with Peonies | The Art Institute of Chicago
  4. Study of a female figure | Smithsonian Institution
  5. Grounded Fishing Boat | The Art Institute of Chicago
  6. Opal Beach | Freer Gallery of Art & Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
  7. Female Nude, Arms Over Head | The Art Institute of Chicago
  8. Maroc | The Art Institute of Chicago
  9. Beach with Fishing Boats (recto); Landscape with Farmer Plowing a Field (verso) | The Art Institute of Chicago
  10. Seascape | Rijksmuseum
  11. Harbor of Boston, with the City in the Distance | Cleveland Museum of Art
  12. Violet and Silver - The Deep Sea | The Art Institute of Chicago
  13. Sunset | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  14. Calm Sea | National Gallery of Art
That’s just a few, but several options that will work in a lot of styles of bathroom! You could even combine—one figure sketch, one seascape. I did something similar in this bathroom reno!

As for printing, I haven’t experimented too much, but I’ve had success with custom framing from Art to Frames as well as ordering prints of paintings on mat board from Mpix (but they have to be standard sizes), and taking the glass out of a standard frame for a vintage painting look.

Art adds so much to a functional, fixture-heavy space like a bathroom! Don’t forget it!

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