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Listener Q&A: Pets, hiding cords, painting over wallpaper, & more

Answering your questions! We’ve compiled questions about how to hide media cords, what to do with paper clutter, how to live with pets and not have pet stuff all around, how to paint over wallpaper, and even what plant resources we use. As you tune in today, get ready to learn a few tricks!

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Resources we chatted about:

  1. Ashley’s post on Cord Control
  2. How to Run Cables Behind the Wall
  3. Gardening Know How
  4. Stylish Pet Bed on Bookshelf
  5. Bed Crate Integrated in Laundry Room
  6. DIY Pet Murphy Bed
  7. Ashley’s Cat Door DIY
  8. Litter Box in Trunk
  9. Painting over wallpaper steps:
  • Oil based primer over wallpaper
  • That will reveal issues. Razor blade to score any issues and corners. Glue down any bits that peel up
  • Mud over problem areas/scored areas, sand
  • Regular prime mudded areas
  • Paint

2020 projects I mentioned in the intro:
  1. Stair runner DIY
  2. Pointy room nursery before/after and progress story highlight

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