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Simple fall decor ideas around our house

I'm not sure if the first official day of fall is the equinox or the first rainy Sunday I buy pumpkin stuff at Trader Joe's. It sure feels like fall after this weekend. I'm drinking their fall spice tea as I write this and it's cold and rainy outside!

I honestly don't usually do much for seasonal decor other than around Christmas, but this year I'm inspired by the warm tones and fall branches I've been seeing in my Instagram feed and I'm jumping in while there's still plenty of time to enjoy my festive fall decor before the holidays.

I still don't want to go overboard; that's just not me. But I like to add a few bits of seasonal vibes here and there in our homes, keeps it feeling fresh and makes me happy!

I went to JoAnn this past weekend and bought some fall florals. I combined those with some pottery, plaid, and wooden decor I already had for a  natural-plus-orange themed fall look that will work for Halloween and probably even Thanksgiving!

Simple fall decor ideas around our house

I fell in love with these cotton stems (here's a similar one I also love) and added mini pumpkins (similar) in the same color.

TIP: Especially when the seasonal colors you're using are not common elsewhere in your home (I don't use much orange, red, purple, or yellow), stick to only one or two new festive colors to keep everything feeling cohesive.)

I love the cotton stems in that black vase. It's from TJ Maxx a while back but I linked some similar ones for you at the bottom of this post.

A mantel begs for seasonal decor. I used this tall vase with some even taller dried wheat to add height on one side of the fireplace, and small pumpkins on both for balance. That black/white tree photo is always hanging there, but it sure looks spooky for Halloween next to orange pumpkins, doesn't it?!

TIP: Repeat shapes/patterns/items throughout your home. Pumpkins are an obvious choice--put some styled on a coffee table, on the dining room sideboard, and on kitchen shelves, for example--but this year I also did this with dried wheat!

I put some wheat in a handmade-look jug in our breakfast nook, too. I love changing out the centerpiece on that table, as it's right off the kitchen and I look at it all the time. I also recently hung this still life painting... not fall-ey specifically, though pears are ripe around now this time of year so I guess it kind of is!

Hope those ideas help you decorate for fall!

P.S. For more ideas, check out this article I was interviewed in--lots of fall decor trends and ideas!

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