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Building ALL our cabinets, prepping for kitchen demo day!

As I shared here (and in our 2019 projects list)... we are planning a full, DIY kitchen reno! We will demo our whole kitchen this coming Saturday. Until then we have been getting as much done as we can to prep and hopefully make the torn-apart-kitchen phase as short as possible.

We got so much done last weekend!!! We are feeling so positive and motivated about our kitchen reno (--let's hope this feeling holds!)!

Sharing our progress so far...
Thanks to Walcraft Cabinetry for working with me on this kitchen reno. They provided me a discount on our cabinets in exchange for my reviews and posts. Please check them out if you're considering a kitchen reno with affordable build-yourself cabinets!

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The main accomplishment was we built ALL our kitchen cabinets. We didn't know how long it would take and planned up to 4 days of 10am-4pm, but it only took two partial days!

Our cabinets (from Walcraft Cabinetry) arrived last Wednesday and we had them loaded into our garage.

On Saturday morning we set out to build them and went over our order/list of cabinets to get the full names (i.e. DB24-BASE = Drawer Base Cabinet, 24" wide, and we have 4 of those). It was overwhelming at first but then we realized we had multiples of a lot of pieces and really all we needed to learn were base cabinets and upper cabinets, and then the pantry was a combination of those two and the rest of the pieces were fillers or panels. We watched the instructional videos and consulted the paper instructions.

Here's an upper cabinet. Excited for the hidden hinges! These were super easy to build. Those extra pieces are the shelves, which we'll mount once the cabinets are hung.

The lowers take longer to build, since it's 3 drawers as well as the main box. We started with a lower and got interrupted several times so that first cabinet took... 4 hours?? and we were feeling discouraged. But then everything after that was so easy!

We built a lot of them on our dining table rather than on the (cardboard layer over the) garage floor... the dining room was my station cause it was easier on my back, climate-controlled, and near the snacks.

Here you can see the wide sink cabinet and a few uppers, and the panel that goes next to the fridge.

The only cabinet that really took two people was our 8'+ tall pantry cabinet. We built this one in the dining room too since I didn't want to have to carry it in through doorways and angles once it was built. We haven't put the doors on yet since we may not have room to put them on with the hinges on the left; need to see it in the room first and remove baseboards. The shelves also aren't in yet; makes it heavier. I am excited for this storage!!

Building the cabinets went so well and we had extra time on our hands Monday, so we got a little ahead of ourselves and did some exploratory demo....!!! Jason took down an upper cabinet that housed our coffee stuff. This got us extra motivated to bring the boxes down and start packing things up.

We also brought the round table from the breakfast nook (it came with the house!) into the dining room... it will be one of our kitchen counters once the kitchen is fully demoed.

I cleared some things off the buffet, too, and removed the rug, getting this space ready to be our temporary kitchen (remember this room usually looks like this?).

We will move those plants and bring the fridge in before we demo. We also ordered a hot plate and the small microwave we'll use in our finished kitchen. Not looking forward to not having a kitchen but feeling good about the prep we're doing to make it as painless as possible!

I hope you'll follow along with this kitchen reno, and wish us the same luck and speed in the next steps!!

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