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Getting serious about interior home maintenance

You may remember I recently got really into vacuuming... I hope it is the beginning of a trend, because now that we're really settling down in this house it is time to up my game on the interior home maintenance!

Lots of tips coming at you...

While the pretty projects are more exciting, the home maintenance stuff is what will take up my time as a homeowner forever, not just while I'm making this home ours. Things that make the house safer, more efficient, cleaner. We put together a great list of those tasks (seasonally, based on regularity, etc.) and shared in this week's episode of the Your Home Story podcast!

Deep cleaning projects such as cleaning and maintaining your kitchen sink disposal, washing your curtains, and degunking your faucet aerators! I also shared a tip for staying on top of HVAC filters that Ashley loved!!, so listen in for that!

Plus there is a mind-blowing tip for saving money relating to the refrigerator... can you guess it??!

In today’s interior home maintenance episode, we talked about:
  1. An exhausting list of great things to do
  2. Ashley created a printable checklist for your Interior Home Maintenance.

Listen here or in your podcast player!

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