Hello! I'm Suzannah, a serious DIYer and mom of two little ones. Follow along with my DIY fixer upper house renovations, sewing and crafty projects, real food recipes, and de-stressing goals.
I believe you can love your home just the way it is, AND have the power to design and make big changes to make it better.
I'm also the author of DIY Wardrobe Makeovers!

Must-have tools, how to do eclectic style without going circus, where to buy Benjamin Moore paint, and more!

We love the community that has come together on the Your Home Story Podcast Facebook group, our Instagram, and of course listening to our episodes! We've collected some great listener questions and answer them in this episode. One of my favorites is what our essential tools are!

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We also share where/how to buy Benjamin Moore paint, how to get your partner on board with home decor, and about decorating when you have an eclectic style but don’t want your house to look like a circus. Also hear how the podcast came to be, who had the idea, and even a bit on how we actually make the podcast.

Here's a list of Ashley's and my favorite tools that you may want to own yourself! We both borrow tools from parents/friends, but have found these to be really essential.
This kit is so useful! So worth the $9!!
We used three saws on our flooring install project!

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