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Perfect pregnancy bulletproof coffee

Back in the day when we first started eating healthy fats and pastured meat, we got into "Bulletproof Coffee" created by this "biohacker" Dave Asprey. It has since become very popular and he now has a brand of proprietary high quality everything from snack bars to glutathione supplements. And there are PAGES and pages of blog posts when you search for "bulletproof coffee recipe" on Google--including mainstream sources like Women's Day and a post on My Domaine.

You can also call it "butter coffee." Essentially it's a cup of coffee, and instead of 1/2 and 1/2 or creamer you use unsalted butter (ideally grassfed like Kerrygold, since it has way more vitamins) and a derivative of coconut oil (MCT or medium chain triglyceride oil). You blend it in a high-speed blender like a Vitamix. It's creamy and frothy like a latte and it usually keeps you full till lunch. (I have had success with this as my only breakfast during the week a couple different times, solving a problem I've had for years that I am almost always hungry 2-3 hours after breakfast and have a hard time getting real food, balanced snacks at work.) It is low-carb and the calories (usually 200-300) are all from fat, so you encourage your body toward ketosis, burning fat instead of sugar. So it is often used as a weight loss strategy.

I haven't made it or had it as my breakfast in years, and this pregnancy I've been really against the smell of coffee but I actually have been missing the taste recently (I drink decaf). And, I've been trying to get more nutrients into my diet as room in my stomach shrinks but my calorie needs increase, if anything. So I figured I'd make my own version of a nutrient-dense blended coffee, PLUS some of the nourishing ingredients I want to incorporate more into my pregnancy diet.

So enter--my perfect pregnancy bulletproof coffee recipe!!

Oh--first, here is the original recipe. The creator says you can also add cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. to make it even tastier. He would agree with some of my additions but not all, you'll see! I guess I should actually call it "pregnancy butter coffee" since it is not copyright/trademark/whatever Bulletproof brand or endorsed by them.

I have also seen this post about if Bulletproof Coffee is healthy during pregnancy--no surprise, the nutrients from grassfed butter and MCT oil are!

(However, if you weren't going for the brain- and energy-boosting effects from those fats and just wanted a healthier version of creamy coffee, you could also do this with 1/2 and 1/2 or coconut milk instead of the butter and oil, and blend with the remaining ingredients.)

Perfect Pregnancy Butter Coffee Recipe


  • 1 cup (8-12 oz.) high quality, fair trade, single-origin decaf coffee (or caffeinated if you prefer)
  • 1-2 tbsp unsalted grassfed butter
  • 1-2 tbsp MCT oil (start slow, like 1/2 tbsp the first time. It can give you the runs. Good news for pregnancy is it can prevent constipation, though!)
  • 1/2 serving (1 scoop) unflavored grassfed collagen protein (I love this stuff)
  • [after 36 weeks along] 1-2 dates (NOT supported by original Bulletproof Diet/method because of fructose, but 6 dates/day after this point in pregnancy has been shown to shorten labor so I'm trying to fit mine in throughout the day!)
  • Optional instead of dates: 1 tbsp xylitol
  • Optional: Of course you can also add vanilla, cocoa powder, pumpkin pie spice, etc.


    1. Make coffee into blender base (we use a cone on top of the blender with the lid cap open).
    2. Add remaining ingredients and blend until combined and frothy, and dates (if using) are chopped up.

    Drink hot!
    I only used 1 large date in this cup and it was definitely sweet enough. Very satisfying!

    These are the ingredients I used in this recipe and I use regularly in my protein smoothies. Essentials around here!

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