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Healthy pregnancy faves at 27 weeks along!

I've shared a few pregnancy updates the past few months, but I'm 27 weeks along now (can't believe it's almost the third trimester!!) and I've had some new challenges besides the morning sickness and fatigue of trimester 1. As much as I resist buying more stuff these days (#wannabesortofminimalism), there are a few products that I've sprung for that I am SO grateful for and I wanted to share!

Also, now that the bump is really visible, I've decided to be better about documenting. And, this past weekend I finally bought myself quite a few actual maternity tops, like from a real maternity store, so I am looking a little cuter than my constant long-tee-and-vest combos of weeks past.

A little more on the style part later. First, my faves...
  1. The body pillow. I used to love falling asleep on my back, but now I wake up with serious low back pain so I have to sleep on my side. A normal pillow was too small so I looked into longer ones. They make all kinds of insanely shaped pregnancy pillows, but I don't have room to store something like that and I like keeping things simple. I ordered a "memory foam" one at first that was really just chunks of regular foam and never puffed up--boo! So I went back to the basics and got this standard fiber fill one. It is quite comfy and ever morning after I get up, Jason steals it and sleeps with it until he gets up!! I also found this 100% cotton case.
  2. Compression socks. Ha!! One of those things I feel like no one tells you--my ankles have been puffy at the end of the day the past month or so. I got some compression socks for Christmas and they really helped. So I ordered some more, black and white for everyday, and some more fun black ones for working out.
  3. A pretty water bottle. I have always been a water drinker, but nowadays I find myself draining my water glass or bottle without even noticing. I got a glass one with fun color rubber case for Christmas, too, and it's made it feel like my special, girly water bottle. #treatyoself practicality style.
  4. Flat, wide width shoes. I have wide feet to begin with but I know this pregnancy isn't going to make them any narrower. I got these rain boots in a wide width earlier this season and meant to get some leather ones, too, but never found the right flat heel and shape in leather. So now I just wear these. Now they're on super clearance. (They also come in standard width, in some great colors.)
  5. Real food protein bars. I still need to snack way more frequently than usual, and while I made my homemade protein bars sometimes, I've been too tired some weeks and these RX bars have been a lifesaver. TIP!!: my FAVE flavor is the chocolate sea salt. The other flavors are a little too sweet for me (naturally sweetened with dates), and because of the egg white protein they are SUPER sticky. The chocolate sea salt is not only delicious (and has chunks of dark chocolate in it), it doesn't stick nearly as much. So good.
  6. Yoga pants. A friend gave me a bunch of hers from her pregnancy and they have been a lifesaver!!!! I like them better than leggings cause they're thicker so I can wear them on their own on weekends and around the house. I wear the flared ones as loungewear and the skinny ones to work out.

The bump is getting big!!

Some of these products in action! While they're not the cutest, these boots have been a lifesaver cause they pull on easily and come in a wide width or fun colors in standard width. And have pretty flat heels!

And if you look reeeeal close, you might be able to see the texture of my tall compression socks under my jeans! #pregnancyreallife (Nah, I just zoomed in, you can't tell. But they're there.)

I totally resisted buying new things for the pregnancy in the beginning, because I don't want more stuff in my life, and I don't like spending too much. But these items have really helped me feel better, and the new maternity tops (like this sweater) are making me feel much cuter. I do miss my regular jeans and clothes, though. Still three months to go!

Linked some non-maternity versions of this sweater and all the other products below!

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