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More flooring progress and a new bed! #Stanley90sreno week 14

Wow, what a good week!! Despite the snow outside (maybe because of it?) I was able to get a lot done on two big projects!

One of my decor dilemmas has been our bedroom, but I think I've decided on a style and bought a pine four-poster bed recently for re-doing. It's not done yet (I ordered new finials) but over the week I prepared and painted the whole thing! I used pretty much the same method as for our doors and cabinets, so takes lots of coats and drying time, but it's a great weeknight project since I was able to just do 30 minutes or so before bed every night.

Why, yes, that is a wrinkled comforter cover that has been packed or on a shelf for months. But at least it isn't the blue one we had on there because it was all I could find at first! And yes, that is a storm trooper alarm clock and I have accepted that we will incorporate it into our decor.

It feels SO good to have that room coming together more! I still have a lot of decisions to make with furniture, curtains, art, etc. but the bed is anchoring things and I can start to see it looking like something.

Over the weekend, I did a ton of flooring (Jason is busy studying for a certification so it's mostly me for a couple weeks)--I did half the living room and the hall on the other side of the stairs. The small areas take so long since there are lots of small cuts.

Sunday I did almost the entire spare bedroom!

And Jason tore up the oak flooring threshold that was keeping me from doing the other half of the living room. I have been dreading dealing with this stuff since when I tried to pull it up I barely got one tiny board after much effort. He went beast mode and did it all. Yay.

And Sunday morning I drove to Home Depot before Jason woke up and bought particle board so we can do the subfloor and add flooring over it!

Feeling really good about our progress and looooove how the living room is looking so I can't wait to get back to working on the flooring in there. Often I don't have the energy after work for more involved tasks like the flooring (and we have to move the car and set up the saws in the garage) but I am pretty motivated to get through it this time! We'll see. I'll keep you posted on Instagram stories.

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