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Finding (and blending) our style for the new house

You guys, we close today. If all goes well... the sale will be recorded at the County this afternoon and we will have our keys!!

We will begin a weekend (and several months) of hard work to make our new home our own! We've been planning for this for a year and a half now, kind of, and are using our inspirations (and what we learned with our townhome) to renovate and decorate the entire home! It's been a challenge to combine our tastes and design preferences and start shopping for new home elements, but we've found some shared favorite inspirations that have really helped.

I've really jumped back into collecting home decor ideas and pinning lots of inspiration photos. Jason, on the other hand, has gotten a lot of his recent decor taste from Fixer Upper and honestly, Joanna's style is sometimes a little too girly for me! The muted tones, the vases of natural things stacked with antique books (backwards), the shabby chic... I've been leaning toward white and black, clean and modern, a little industrial-inspired but not too much, with a few super bright colors. And saturated color antique rugs.

So, Jason told me to send him links when I found non-Magnolia styles I liked.

Early into my design and brainstorming process I came across this home makeover by Amber Interiors. I decided, omigosh, this is fabulous, I like everything about this home.

But Jason thought, too white, too formal, too bare. (I was pretty set on white walls, so this was a problem.)

This happened a few times--I sent him links of images he totally rejected. I was getting worried! But, a few links in, I found some that he also kinda liked. Two things changed: I started to pick up on what made white walls look less stark to him, and he started to feel familiar with the more modern, simple style I liked.

It was a huge win when I sent him this home tour that I LOVE (also by Amber Interiors) and he replied, "I really like it!" This home also had white walls, big oriental rugs, and plants, but had more edgy black, vintage, and rock and roll elements that I think he liked.

Good news is, I now like the home we both like more than the earlier inspiration Jason didn't like. I am really excited to have a few images of a place we both are inspired by tucked away on my pinboards and I think the exercise of looking around for inspirations and looking at lots of different styles has helped us both figure out what we want. I also think I'm getting close to a few keywords that define my ideal home style--I'm thinking "clean," "fresh," "west coast," and a tiny bit "eclectic" describe it. Having some key terms for our style will help me make decisions--"Does this fit our goal aesthetic?"

Check out my recent pins for more of our recent home inspirations!

How have you blended design styles in your home?

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