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Gingham! Super simple top from a vintage pattern

It's almost time for summer sewing!
It's been so beautiful here (off and on) lately that I've been inspired to make several summery things. Some are only just cut out, but this one I finished the other weekend and wore proudly for an evening that included grilling at my parents' place and eating on the back patio. So perfect.

I made this top in what felt like about an hour, and I wanted something super simple and comfy but also slightly interesting.

I wanted a loose, swingy kind of top I could tuck in. I had this darling pattern, vintage Butterick 4248 (which I think I inherited from my mom so it's legit!) and I made the short version of what's supposed to be a swimsuit cover-up, but I didn't do the sleeves.

Sewing with vintage patterns is so funny since often the instructions and styles are much simpler and less fussy than we're used to. Or they just use different techniques.

For example, I was all ready to make or use a bias facing for the neck edge, but the pattern literally instructed me to turn it under twice and hem. How simple! And thrifty, no waste of fabric cutting bias and no extra notions to buy!

Also, guess how this pocket is made?! Like a teddy bear. It's a long oval/football field-shaped piece that you sew right sides together, leaving an opening at the bottom of the curve. Clip, flip, and press, then sew the bottom opening together by hand and topstitch the pocket on where you want it. Very smooth, no raw edges, no fussy turning under as you sew.

This would probably be great with some big flares and platforms! But I opted for an easier-to-wear option of these jeans that come up mid-waist rather than low waist, plus my new versatile flat sandals.

Pattern: Vintage Butterick 4248

  • Made it sleeveless!

I know the gingham is pretty summery, but it felt like summer on this sunny evening of grilling!

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