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Sun, country, and baby goats

We did something pretty amazing this weekend. Every time I get out to parts of Oregon's beautiful and fruitful countryside, I feel totally grateful to live in this incredible place and totally humbled by the work that goes into (or should go into) creating our food and food system.

One of my coworkers owns a nursery about an hour outside Portland, and has alpacas, chickens, ducks, and goats. My company's Fun Committee puts together seasonal weekend events like pumpkin patching, Christmas tree-cutting, etc. and last year (at my suggestion!! =) ), springtime baby goat-visiting and plant start shopping. We went last year and got comfortable playing with and picking up the goats, and it's time for it again this year!

(Baby goats are among the cutest things ever. Evidence: this video and this video. So it was so fun (spirit-lightening, really!!) to see them jumping around in person!)

Here are a few shots of our buddies. The two smallest were only 2 weeks old. This one weighed about as much as our cat, I swear. And was only slightly less cuddly.

The other babies were 6-8 weeks old.

So cuddly! The hay in my pocket was for feeding to the goats. What an interactive experience!

We also stocked up on veggie starts for our front porch container garden.

And, we brought a picnic lunch (ham, mustard, and avocado wraps--so good!! and salad with CSA veggies including radishes) and ate it in the beautiful gardens they have.

I'm excited for spring and summer and more chances out get out to the country!


  1. that baby goat! i am dying! sounds like an awesome adventure!

  2. so jealous of you hugging the baby goats!!!

  3. Cute overload!


  4. Aw, the cuddles look very fulfilling. Something about goat faces and expressions are always so goofy and fun. And those wraps sound like a great easy snack!

  5. What a beautiful picnic and I LOVE goats! My dad had 15+ goats at a time when I was growing up so I was very familiar with their adorable faces, so sweet!

  6. Well that just made my day - so cute!!!

  7. What a great day! I agree with everyone else that the goats are adorable! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  8. They are adorable!!!! And your salad made my mouth water! :o)


  9. So cute!! I love that we live in such a beautiful and bountiful state. I feel a bit of peace that I've never experienced in any of the other places that I've lived. I am looking forward to getting out into nature more as the weather gets better.

  10. You had me at baby goats! So adorable.



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