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Homemade apple and pear chips... just because, okay??

I'm excited about this DIY - a simple homemade version of something I remember from the stores - not because it's the absolute greatest thing in the world, but because I love doing things myself and I love using local bounty in new ways.

The other weekend I made these homemade apple and pear chips from fruit from a local orchard. I try not to eat much fruit, but the fresh, organic, local kind is the best there is, and I do love seasonal outdoor outings like u-pick anything. Celebrating the season!

But we ended up with too many apples and pears, so I wanted to come up with something new to do with them. I looked into homemade apple chips--turns out they're incredibly simple and tasty. I followed this recipe, if you can call it that--apples and cinnamon. Slice thin, and bake or dehydrate till they're crispy.

In that recipe she used a 200 degree oven, but I used a 135 degree dehydrator. They might come out a little crisper if you use an oven, but I didn't want to worry about leaving it on too long. The dehydrator is so easy and low-maintenance since you can leave it on overnight. (I have this dehydrator and a mandoline like this to slice the apples so thin.)

They're great! I love the light apple- and pear-ey flavors, and they are delish with some almond butter or even plain grassfed butter, cause I love just about anything with grassfed butter.

Another apple fave of mine is this delicious real food, Paleo-friendly grain-free "apple crumble" recipe I came up with. Now it's the season to make it from local fruit!


  1. Those look tasty... and pretty too.

  2. Yum! These look really delicious!

  3. YUM! I've tried making apple chips and it never works! I'll try your recipe!

  4. I baked apple chips once, them promptly at ALL of them! :o)


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